At Home Pedi

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Don’t let your feet suffer from being stuck at home. Have some fun with our at-home Pedi. Do it on yourself, or have a Pedi Party with your family!!! They will love the pampering.

Pedicures are the art of cleaning and caring for the feet and toenails. The term pedicure comes from the latin word “pedi” meaning foot and “cure” meaning care. At home pedicures can be quick and easy or long and detailed, while salon and spa pedicures often take between thirty minutes to an hour—times in general vary based on your pampering style and needs. A pedicure begins with soaking the feet in warm water to soften the skin.  During a pedicure, old polish is removed (if needed), toenails are trimmed and filed to a square or rounded shape, cuticles are treated, calluses and rough patches are scrubbed and smoothed, and the lower leg and entire foot is massaged with lotion or cream. Polish is then applied, if desired. Despite popular belief, pedicures are suitable for both women and men.