Medical Grade IPL

IPL Hair Removal

Proven to be safer for the skin than the laser that’s why we choose IPL as the preferred method of hair reduction. IPL offers a medical grade, gentle, non-invasive, long-lasting solution for unwanted hair. Unlike shaving that lasts a couple of days, or waxing which lasts a couple of weeks and can often result in painful ingrown hairs. IPL/Laser hair removal offers a permanent hair reduction solution in a few treatments with minimal discomfort to permanently minimise hair growth.

IPL Hair Removal Prices

Lip $30
Lip and Chin $50
Half arm $110
Full arm $129
Sides of Face $50
Chin $30
Underarm $45
Half Face from $75
Full Face $100
Bikini from $45
Brazillian from $75
Half Leg (including knees) from $149
Full Leg from $199
Thigh from $129
Snail Trail from $35



Shoulders from $75
Back from $199
Chest from $149
Neck from $75

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

IPL is used to treat red and brown discolourations of the skin, rosacea, freckles, pigmentation, fine lines and open pores. A course of between 4-6 treatments is usually required to achieve maximum results, though improvement can be seen even after the first treatment.


IPL Photorejuvenation Prices

Full face $200
Half Face (cheeks and nose) $120
Full Face Including Neck $250
Full Face Including Neck and decolletage $320
Decolletage $100
Spot Treatment $75



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