Skin Solutions Medi Facials

Telomatrix Facial $287

The ultimate anti ageing Nobel prize winning facial experience. Powered by a multitude of revolutionary actives, this 5-step intensive treatment including peels, ampoules promote healthy and youthful-looking skin.

PRIN Lymphatic Facial $287

Addresses skin health from the inside out, optimising the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems – two often-overlooked and essential functions necessary to healthy skin.

A well-functioning lymphatic system keeps the inner pathways (the extracellular space) clean and clear by removing toxins and cellular debris. This allows the flow of our circulatory system to nourish our skin cells with oxygenated blood and nutrients.

Luxe Stem Cell Facial $250

Anti ageing luxe facial experience. Achieve dramatic results with this intensive treatment that combines luxurious masks and extensive massage to regenerate the skin and relax the mind.

Customised Clear Skin Facial $185

An ideal treatment to resurface, clear and remove any impurities, leaving the skin fresh and radiant.

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Menopausal Facial $197

The perfect treatment to target the side effects of menopause on the skin. Ingredients to help mimic estrogen production to help to firm, plump, hydrate and sooth the skin. Your skin will look and feel more radiant and you will feel relaxed, pampered and replenished.

HydraLift Facial $167

Achieve dramatic results for tired, fatigued and stressed skin with this intensive treatment that combines luxurious masks and extensive massage to regenerate the skin and relax the soul.

Indulgence facial and body experience $195

Immerse yourself in this relaxing full body experience with a customized facial with massage to treat you from head to toe.

De-pigmentation Facial $185

A powerful combination of active ingredients to brighten, unify skin tone and restore vitality whilst inhibiting pigment production.

Teen Facial $120

Ideal for young skins to clear breakout, congestion and blackheads.

Rosacea Relief Facial $185

The perfect Facial treatment with LED to calm, soothe and relieve a stressed, irritated skin. Vitamins A, B, C, D and minerals help to strengthen and boost the skins immune system.

Skin Discovery Session $50 (Redeemable on any product purchases)

Our qualified specialists will take you on a skin discovery journey which includes a prelude facial consisting of a double cleanse, skin diagnosis, exfoliation or mask, hydration and protection together with a program specifically for your skin.

Signature Facial $115

A skin pick-me-up for people on the go, or the perfect introduction to our range of facial treatments.


Enhance your facial treatment with these fabulous add-ons:

LED Light Therapy $55

Lactic Peel $57

Advanced Clinical Peel from $75

Epidermal Levelling $75

Microdermabrasion $60

Ampoule Treatment from $30-$50

LUXE Ampoule Treatment $80

Collagen Face Mask $30

Collagen Eye Treatment $30

Collagen Neck Treatment $30

LUXE Advanced Masks $50