Why sleep is so important for our skin

Lack of sleep leads to an increase of the hormones that cause inflammation and cell destruction in our skin. Resulting in dry, dehydrated skin with more lines and wrinkles with an uneven skin tone.

Get more out of your sleep
Scientists have discover that our skin cells know if it’s day or night. During the day our skin cells are focusing on protecting our skin from UV damage. At night they aren’t as likely to be focusing on protecting not only from UV rays, but also stress and pollution so they tend to move into producing new skin cells and regenerating the skin. 
Sleep allows the skin to start producing more skin cells, increase collagen production and reverse the free radical damage we experienced throughout the day. 

Why your night time skin routine should be different to your day
Try to complement what your skin does overnight by using some products specifically for night time use.
For example, our skin is more prone to transepidermal water loss (hydration escaping whilst we are asleep). This is the perfect reason for using a richer moisturiser with some key anti ageing ingredients. 
Vitamin A is the essential ingredient to work on ageing as it kick starts the skin’s ability to renew and regenerate the cells. Cell renewal peaks around midnight so the combination of sleep and Vitamin A are essential. 
A good night cream will also include peptides and antioxidants to fight free radicals and enhance hydration.