How to Pop a Pimple

how to pop a pimple

Knowing the right way on how to pop a pimple is necessary. Before you even try, let’s find out how to prevent pimples and why they spread.

How to prevent pimples with good skincare

Before resorting to popping, the best thing you can do to take care of your skin each day is to properly clean your face, with a Cleanser, use an exfoliator, moisturize, and SPF. In the evening, you should make sure to remove all the buildup of sunscreen, makeup, pollution, and so on with your Cleanser. Most often with pimples, there is a layer of dead skin buildup that clogs the skin. Once this buildup is removed the congestion, blackheads, and acne start to disappear. This is why it is so important to keep your skin clean, exfoliate to remove the dead skin buildup, and use the correct moisturiser.

Why does my breakout spread?

When you pop a pimple, all the debris from the pore can get forced deeper into the follicle, causing the follicle wall to rupture and release all the infected material into the lower layers of the skin. Plus, you can introduce new bacteria that may be on your fingers or trapped under your nails. This is how you can spread the infection, resulting in a new breakout if you don’t squeeze your pimple correctly.

how to pop a pimple

Try a spot treatment before popping

Before resorting to popping, apply an acne or spot treatment like Aspect stop spot. This is designed to be used only on your breakout spots, to dry out breakouts without irritating. Salicylic acid is the key ingredient used to exfoliate your skin free and unclog pores to clear impurities. Stop Spot is antibacterial so it helps to clear breakout and congestion whilst soothing and protecting due to the niacinamide.

how to pop a pimple

Popping Time!

It is very important to clean your face and hands thoroughly. The ideal time is after a warm shower or use a warm compress on the skin for a couple of minutes to loosen the skin and open the pores. Next, place your fingers wrapped in clean tissue or gauze, or a cotton swab, on either side of the pimple and gently press around, but not on top of the white tip. Workaround the pimple so you are not continually pressing from the same side. The pimple should drain readily, but if you feel pain or it doesn’t then that means it’s not ready yet.

If the pimple comes to a head, you can gently apply downward pressure on either side of the pimple for one to two seconds. If you’re using more than a little bit of pressure and nothing comes out, then the pimple is probably not ready to be popped. Whenever you pop your pimples, expect there to be redness for several hours afterwards.

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