Our Team

Nicolle – Owner

Melissa – Manager, Tooronga

Julie O’donell- Manager, The Pines

Carly – Senior Therapist, The Pines

Trudy Auid – Senior Therapist, The Pines

Cassandra – Manager, Brandon Park

Emily M- Assistant Manager, Brandon Park

Martin Desmarais – Cosmetic  Injector, Available at all locations

Emily T – Senior Therapist and Tattoist, Brandon Park

Tammy – Senior Therapist, Brandon Park

Alara  – Dermal Therapist, Tooronga

Tyler – Senior Therapist, Tooronga

Sepi – Senior Therapist and Cosmetic Tattooist, The Pines

Issy – Receptionist, The Pines

Maddi – Beauty Therapist, Brandon Park