Skin Needling

skin needling

Skin Needling or at times known as dermal rolling.  The Anti-ageing, regenerating treatment that helps with greater penetration of products.

Whilst we are in isolation and can’t get to the salon for our favourite treatments, why not try at-home skin needling?

Having treatment at the salon will give you quicker results as we can use needles that go to a deeper depth than the ones you can use at home.

The tiny injuries the fine needles do to our skin is to produce new collagen. New collagen synthesis can take three to six months but if you have been getting skin needling done in the salon this home roller will maintain your results and help with greater penetration of your active ingredients.

Anti-ageing, regenerating treatment that helps with greater penetration of products

Use your skin needling device x3 times per week at night after cleansing with Aspect Dr Deep Clean.

Apply your favourite serum and follow with Aspect Dr Resveratrol Moisturizer.

skin needling

Steps to Skin Needling

Since needles are involved, safety will be your number one concern when micro-needling at home.

Thoroughly clean the skin before and sanitize your micro-needling instruments to limit infection risks. You must also be careful not to push too hard on the needling device

Here’s your six-step method:

1. Disinfect your Skin needling device

Always start by disinfecting your skin needling device, letting it soak in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol for approximately 5 to 10 minutes before you begin.

2. Wash your face

Clean your skin with Aspect Dr Deep Clean cleanser, and then cleanse it again. You’ll also want to gently wipe that 70% isopropyl alcohol directly on your face before you start rolling.

If you’re sensitive to pain, consider a numbing cream (we like numbit, which you can get from your pharmacy) after washing your face. The numbing cream should be left on for 30 mins then wiped off.

3. Start rolling

Before you start, divide your face into four sections, avoiding the eye area completely:

upper left
upper right
lower left
lower right

Gently and firmly roll over one area in one direction (vertically or horizontally) two to three times, and be sure to lift the roller before each roll.

Let’s say you start vertically: After you’ve covered one section 2–3 times this way, move the roller slightly and repeat until you’ve covered the whole section in that one direction. Then, go back and repeat the whole process in that section, but this time roll horizontally, utilizing a cross-hatch pattern.

4. Rinse your face

Rinse your face with clean water only when you’re done rolling and pat it dry with a clean pad.

5. Sanitize your derma roller

First, wash the skin needling device with dishwasher soap. Then soak it again in the 70 percent isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes and put it back in its case.

Don’t wait too long to replace your skin needling device — you should ditch your current roller for a fresh one after 10 to 15 uses, so you might need a new one every month if you’re rolling several days a week.

6. Apply your actives

You can use any Serum you may have after rolling as it will allow for greater penetration

*Once a week
Follow your needling with one Beauty in a flash ampoule followed by Societe Sheet mask and relax for 20 mins
Finish with Resveratrol Moisturizer after you have applied your serum or after you have removed your mask

skin needling