The Cosmedix philosophy is based around the principle that inflammation is the core cause of all skin conditions. Traditional skin care products have often used artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives when addressing common skin problems, which can create inflammation. Cosmedix not only removes those irritants but makes the majority of their active ingredients less irritating as well. Having seen their products’ results among our clients, we stand by this natural approach.

Cosmedix Elite RX

Higher-level active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy without a prescription. This is a brilliantly engineered, progressive and concentrated Physicians only range which is driven by solutions and results. It is formulated with superior antioxidants and unrivalled ingredients. From chemically correct peels to procedure specific skin care, Cosmedix Elite Rx products speak the language of the skin. Turn to the Results Rx system to further enhance your skin care program.

Aspect Platinum

This is no ordinary regimen – it’s a partnership

Platinum products are available exclusively from Australia’s most trusted clinicians – experts in skin, and most importantly, the experts in your skin.

Enriched with this deep clinical insight, our products provide a multi-faceted approach that’s powerful today, and profound tomorrow.

Aspect Platinum is more than a range of extraordinary products. It’s a powerful skincare strategy designed to make you feel exceptional today, and confident tomorrow.

Aspect Dr

There’s a reason that you can’t buy the Aspect Dr range of active products in department stores or online: Aspect Dr works closely with only selected medical professionals to provide high-end results to discerning clients. The Aspect Dr range includes in-clinic peels and is formulated with the highest concentrations of pure, naturally derived botanicals and high-octane cosmeceutical correctives, as well as using certified organic ingredients wherever possible.
Aspect Dr Product


Biopelle is trusted and recognized for award-winning, cutting-edge technologies and science-based formulations. A leader in advanced skincare solutions, we are committed to delivering the most innovative, effective products to licensed skincare providers and their patients.

Offering a full spectrum of clinically proven skincare products that address multiple concerns – from post-procedure care to daily maintenance and intensive treatments – we deliver dramatic improvement in the visible signs of aging.



Emepelle is the first and only line of skincare products available to help improve the appearance of Estrogen Deficient Skin by harnessing the restorative benefits of patented MEP Technology.


Dermaceutic Laboratoire is the partner of choice for over 30,000 aesthetic dermatology specialists throughout the world.

The company’s goal is to support practitioners in maximizing in-clinic treatment value and increasing patients’ value perception, by offering high performance cosmeceuticals which accompany and optimize results of all aesthetic treatments