Home Treatments

At Home Facials

Make the most of your time if you are stuck at home and treat your skin and the rest of the family to some At home Facials.

We have put together different facial rituals for different skin types that you can do at home to keep your skin glowing and healthy in between your appointments at the salon.

Keep an eye out on social media to see how to give yourself a facial massage and eye massage at home to stimulate blood flow, accelerate cell renewal and increase product penetration. These are massage steps are simple to do on yourself or a loved one. Have some fun, burn some candles, use a burner with some essential oils and relax with a glass of wine!!

We will even show you how to professionally pop a pimple without spreading the bacteria or damaging the skin.

To match these facials we also have some product packs you can order from us with some exciting salon only masks and ampoules that we don’t normally sell. But get in early as stocks won’t last for long.

Home Treatments

Retail Packs