SNS/ Gel Removal

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Steps to remove SNS/ Gel

STEP 1-Buff off the top layer

Instead of using a professional electrical filing tool like they use at the salon, you’re going to have to go the manual route. Using a nail file or a buffer, you’ll need to gently remove the gel top coat (the glossy layer) off the SNS nails. So, it’ll basically need to go from shiny to matte in appearance. Getting rid of this protective top coat will make it easier to remove your SNS.

STEP 2-Soak a cotton pad in acetone
Next, you’ll need to grab some acetone, cotton pads and aluminium foil to soak your nails. It’s important that you use acetone remover for this step, as non-acetone formulas won’t be strong enough to remove the SNS formula. You’ll also want to make sure your room has good ventilation to avoid breathing in the acetone. Start by soaking the cotton pads in the acetone nail polish remover then place them directly on each of your nails.

STEP 3-Wrap each nail in foil
Wrap each nail in aluminium foil tightly by twisting the end to keep the cotton pad close to your nail and to stop the acetone from leaking out. We recommend cutting large rectangles of aluminium foil before starting. It’s pretty similar to the process they use at the nail salon, and you’ll have to wait at least 15 to 20 minutes for the acetone to dissolve the hardened SNS powder.

STEP 4-Gently remove the polish
Rather than removing all aluminium wraps and realising it hasn’t dissolved properly, check one nail first. Remove the foil and slightly press/rub the cotton pad over your nail in order to wipe off the dissolved dipping powder. You’ll know they’re ready because the polish will be gooey and mushy – it should rub off quite easily. Repeat on the rest of your nails, wiping each one clean with a paper towel. If the polish isn’t coming off easily, repeat steps 2 and 3.

STEP 5-Apply cuticle oil and push back cuticles
Once you’ve removed your SNS manicure, you’ll want to focus on doing everything you can to repair and nourish your cuticles and nail bed. Exposing your nails to chemicals and solvents (like those used during the SNS nail application process) can leave your nails looking pretty unhealthy, so it’s best to show them a little TLC and apply a cuticle oil to keep them hydrated.

STEP 6-Nail Polish
Apply polish to harden and protect your nails.